Aerospace Precision works toward one common goal of providing products and services which exceed the expectations and requirements of our customers. Our management team works together and has the flexibility for us to reach the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

Together we hold a very high standard of excellence for our company that starts at the top and work its way through each and every employee.

Management Team

Pierre PinsonnaultPresident and CEO
Aerospace Precision, Inc.
Pierre has more than three decades of leadership experience in the Aerospace industry. In 1981, Pierre joined the airline industry as Procurement Director of Quebecair, a Canadian airline operating in Montreal, Quebec. In 1984, he then started the Pacific Aviation Group in Seattle, Washington and was the company CEO. Since then, he founded Aerospace Distributors in 1994 and Aerospace Precision in 1998. With the acquisition of Luchner Tool Engineering in 2015, Aerospace Precision became the manufacturing division of Ground Support Equipment (GSE), aircraft and engine maintenance tooling. With experience going back to 1969 when Luchner Tool was first started in an Diego by Herman Luchner. The legacy and experience of tool manufacturing will excel to its finest.
Fred WesterfieldExecutive Vice President
Aerospace Precision, Inc.
Fred has had a long career in Finance and banking, he joined Aerospace Group of Companies, Inc. in 2000 and became Executive Vice President in 2001 of the parent company. Fred is on the company Board of Director’s and has directed the management and finance team of the group of companies. He has been responsible for various company acquisitions and has been instrumental in aircraft purchases and part out program for wide and narrow body aircraft. With the acquisition of Luchner Tool engineering, the company has now well diversified operations and is poised for its aerospace growth.
Daniel PinsonnaultVice President
Aerospace Precision, Inc.
Daniel has over two decades of experience in the Aviation industry. He has joined the group of companies in 1996 at its sales offices located at the Montreal International Airport, Quebec. He then moved into the first facility of Aerospace Precision in 1998, where he is now responsible for Purchasing and Sales and management of company assets.
Eric SmithDirector of Operations - Engineering
Aerospace Precision, Inc.
Eric has more than three decades of operational leadership in the Aviation industry. In 1980, Eric was an accessories/Tool & Test Engineer for Eastern Airlines and joined Air Operation in 1991 as the Shop Manager. He joined Aerospace Precision in 2005 as the Director of Operation and has lead the company to its present company growth. Serving over 80 airlines and OEM worldwide, Aerospace Precision, Inc. is an FAA and EASA certified facility and is responsible for the manufacturing division of Luchner Tool Engineering.
Jason LanmanDirector of Sales
Luchner Tool Engineering.
Jason Lanman has played an instrumental role in the business development of the tooling division of its parent company which started in 1994. Jason joined the company in 1999 and has been leading a team of GSE and
aircraft maintenance tooling specialist responsible to meet the manufacturing needs of the airline and the aerospace growing industry. Luchner Tool Engineering specializes in fabrication of aircraft maintenance tooling, machining and fabrication of fixtures, jigs, GSE, large fabricated assemblies, production parts and prototypes.